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CityLife examines issues that affect all Anglo Montrealers in an engaging and accessible way. Host Richard Dagenais delves into politics, public transit, roadwork, the environment, riverside development, the economy, immigration, social issues, culture and much more. And the program will follow-up, bringing viewers all the latest developments. CityLife zeroes in on local news that doesn’t get covered by major media, but matters to all of us.

Programmation de la semaine

There are a lot of big new building projects helping to revitalize the western end of downtown. While many welcome the new investment, there are also some worries that public services are being left forgotten. Plus we ask if governments should pay for sound barriers alongside highways, or if the people living there should shoulder the cost. And we find out about a cooperative that helps people brew their own beer.

Invité(es) :

Alex KAY, Real Estate Agent; David CHAPMAN, Director of The Open Door; Ethan COX, Public Policy Expert; Cécile DOO-KINGUÉ, Blues Musician; André TURENNE, Spokesperson, The Citizens' Sound Wall Committee of Beaconsfield; Robert FRANK, Journalist; Egbert GAYE, Editor, Community Contact; Karine CHARRON, MABRASSERIE

Diffusion :

  • Vendredi 21 septembre 2018 12:00
  • Samedi 22 septembre 2018 08:00
  • Dimanche 23 septembre 2018 11:00

The Pioneer has been a big part of Pointe Claire Village for decades. But now the bar has been sold and a developer plans to replace it with condos. But that plan is running into opposition from some in the town who say that the building should be preserved. We bring you the story of the Pioneer, and our panel discusses just when a building should be declared a 'heritage' property and when governments should step in and spend money to save them.

Invité(es) :

Dinu Bumbaru. Policy Director, Heritage Montreal;Robert Frank, Journalist;John Belvedere, Mayor of Pointe-Claire;Fred Burrill, Anti-Gentrification Activist

Diffusion :

  • Mardi 25 septembre 2018 18:30
  • Mardi 25 septembre 2018 22:30
  • Mercredi 26 septembre 2018 06:00
  • Mercredi 26 septembre 2018 09:00
  • Mercredi 26 septembre 2018 12:00

For the first time in decades a Quebec election doesn't centre around separation. That has pushed other issues into the spotlight, including healthcare, jobs and identity politics. But what are anglophones concerned about? We went into the community to ask you what you want from the province. Then we took your questions to candidates representing all four of the leading political parties.

Invité(es) :

Kathleen Weil, Quebec Liberal Party candidate;Ian Lafrenière, Coalition Avenir Québec candidate;Nicolas Chatel-Launay, Québec Solidaire candidate;Jennifer Drouin, Parti-Québécois candidate

Diffusion :

  • Jeudi 27 septembre 2018 18:30
  • Jeudi 27 septembre 2018 22:30
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